The company Brand Queen Portugal was created in 2015 to respond to the needs of the national and international markets in the areas of marketing and communication and their complements. Since competition and diversification of offers has been increasing more and more, it is becoming more and more important to highlight the corporate image in digital media. For this reason, marketing plays a decisive role in creating the relationship between the company and the customer so that the company in question can differentiate itself from its competitors. In addition to marketing , we offer other services such as International Business Development and monitoring of various National and International processes. We are thus a company that positions itself as a service provider in two areas:

In the area of marketing and digital marketing, communication and events we offer services with the objective of improving the results of your company with planning of customized strategies according to the type and size of your business. We develop projects in the areas of design; marketing; advertising and communication; translations, trade marketing, creation of websites and social networks.

market access

In this area, we are focused on supporting our clients in doing international business. We support the implementation of products and brands both nationally and internationally. We support the development and integration of our customers'''''''' products in strategic geographic areas, as well as having a network of international partners in different sectors of intervention: distribution of food products, industrial products, textiles and many other sectors. We are your commercial intermediary.

We have a strong consulting and analysis component that we believe is the basis for dimensioning the best solutions according to the needs that are presented to us. We always try to create strategies aimed at obtaining results that maximize the return on investment of our customers. We have experience and work done in different places in the world (Spain; Angola; Dubai; France ...), so for us there are no borders, we always want to evolve and accept new challenges.

What sets us apart from other marketing companies , is that with each challenge presented to us by our customers, we present thoughtful, appropriate solutions with a strong creative and commercial . We dimension complete strategies according to the objectives that are put to us. We set these goals side by side with our customers, and we have followed a path of growth together with them. Because our customers are our soul .